How Vitamin C Can Save You from the Corona Virus – COVID-19

Vitamin C can be life saving in treating people with Covid-19 and here is how:

The virus causes the immune system to react to repair the damage, in particular to the lungs.

Usually, when our skin gets an injury our body squeezes out a liquid that seals the wound and allows the tissue to be repaired. A similar process happens inside our lungs to repair damage done. Only, in the lungs this does not form a scab. It does however, stop parts of the lung working while the repair goes on. This liquid is what we cough up while the repairs go on and it is why we often may cough when we are no longer infected- the repairs continue for a while.

What essentially kills people who get the Corona virus is our body’s attempt to repair the damage. That repair mechanism literally suffocates the victim of the disease. It is not the disease that kills the patient it is the response of the body to the damage.

In most cases of a bit of damage to the lung, shutting down those damaged bits to do repairs works well. But, if too much is shut down, the lungs cease to function. It is a bit like roadworks. We can shut down a few roads at a time to do repairs and the traffic can find other ways to do what they need to do. But if we shut them all down, then the whole the road repairs cause far bigger problems than bumpy journeys. If all the roads leading to the supply of petrol from the distribution centre of petrol are being worked on at the same time. Then the supply of petrol just stops, the economy is strangled, cars, trucks, ambulances, police cars are stranded, people cannot eat, famine disease etc… death. What is needed is a way to limit the number of road works that happen at the same time.

This process of repair in the body is triggered through a process known as inflammation. Parts of the body “catch fire” and the immune system sends in the emergency services to shut down the area and put out the fire. This usually works fine. The cases where it becomes a problem is where that shut down of areas needing repair triggers a cascade of harmful effects resulting ultimately in death.

Vitamin C acts as an anti-inflammatory, blocking the immune system needing to go and repair the damaged areas. To build on our road works analogy, it fills in the pot holes with a quick repair – squirting in a lump of molten plastic and sand as a temporary fix – making them less urgent to repair properly. People still can move around without damaging their vehicles – and the cascading consequences of that – and proper repairs can be postponed. As the vitamin C eases the damage it also enables the critical function of the otherwise shut down part of the body to continue. This prevents the cascade of consequences that actually kills people.

Vitamin C is a cheap and effective way to slow down the body’s inflammation to a disease by repairing some of the damage and a way to help your body prevent serious cascading damage occurring.

You can use vitamin C to save your life and the life of others.

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