“Islamic State” A Cartoon Caricature of Islam?

The media is full of claims of the crimes of “Islamic State” as they have titled themselves. Yet finding an authoritative voice for the “Islamic State” has been a problem. The reputed leader apparently made one video of a speech at some time in the last few years. Other claims about what he has said are unproven. He hides his face. So we are left to take twitter feeds and videos released by Rita Katz working for Israeli interests. Perhaps their voice can be found in the glossy magazine called “Dabiq” which can be found online as a PDF. This magazine recently came to my attention when the alternative media ran a slew of stories about how “Islamic State” was condemning conspiracy theorists. This intrigued me. It seemed to jar with recent comments by British Prime Minister David Cameron associating people who believed in conspiracy theories and “extremism” whatever that means. Mr Cameron’s comments also echoed others By George W. Bush about not tolerating conspiracy theories.

So, what did Dabiq say?

All good deceptions have to mix truth and falsehood. Disguise involves making something look like the real thing, but to the critical eye and the critical mind the real thing can be distinguished from the deception. What Dabiq had to say was basically the same thing as George Bush. That the September 11th events were entirely the responsibility of Usama bin Laden. Someone who actually never even claimed responsibility and who the FBI didn’t even accuse of those attacks because there is literally no evidence of his involvement. Frankly anyone who has looked at the evidence knows this to be a lie. Buildings don’t collapse at free fall speeds nor do thousands of tonnes of concrete turn to dust in mid air without demolition explosives used. Steel does not melt and form pools of molten iron in the basements of the towers from the heat released by burning jet fuel or office fires. Basic rules of physics don’t get changed because the government says so and they don’t get changed because Dabiq says so either.

It is a delicious irony that Dabiq and George Bush are speaking on the same page of this narrative. Partly as a result of this evident synergy of interests, it is now becoming the settled opinion of much alternative media, that “Islamic State” is as much a tool of Western intelligence agencies as al-Qaeda was and has always been a tool of the CIA (al-cia-duh).
This is nothing new. The West is and has pretty much always been afraid of Islam. Strategically and ideologically. Occupation and colonisation has been imposed on the Muslim world for centuries in a frustratingly failed attempt to counter Islam’s hold. Attempts at democratic peaceful transitions in Muslim countries have regularly been strangled by coups from a military installed with Western aid because of this fear of Islam. So creating fake fears is used to stop people finding out about the simple pure religion of Islam; the religion of making peace with God by surrendering to His will alone. This is simple morality. Fighting it means making it look like something else. When the colonial project was at its height in the Muslim world the Saudis were installed to represent Islam with the extremely unrepresentative faction of Wahabis put in control of the holiest sites of Islam and its vast oil wealth. This suited the colonial powers at the time as it helped the general agenda of misleading people as to what Islam is.

It is no coincidence that 98% of “islamic terror” plots in the USA were made by the FBI. The general pattern is finding someone stupid enough to be indoctrinated by their agents into being paid by them and supplied by them to carry out criminal acts they ask them to commit. Often this involves some form of blackmail otherwise called “plea bargaining”. People become informants to avoid some type of criminal prosecution and are then pushed on by other threats to recruit others into their plots. The story is repeated on and on. It is not a new tactic either, counterintelpro was exposed as doing similar things decades ago to infiltrate and harass targeted communities and organisations and so to defame them.

These caricatures of Islam get served up to salivating media and gullible consumers of lies and are no different in intent and effect than a cartoon caricature of the Prophet Muhammad doing something abysmal. “Islamic State” looks like a cartoon caricature of Islam. Even their flag is back to front declaring “Allah rasul Muhammad” Allah is the prophet of Muhammad – yes I know there is a style of calligraphy to put important words first, but the flag is written in a style of a 3 year old with a paintbrush. The branding is perfect for portraying Islam as backwards, primitive, ugly etc.

This defamation is continued in Dabiq. Whereas the Qur’an repeatedly emphasises the virtue of freeing slaves Dabiq boasts about enslaving people. Whereas the Qur’an condemns aggression, they boast about plans to attack every country on earth. Whereas the Qur’an teaches that the basis of legitimate leadership is consent via gentle, listening and forgiving mutual consultation Dabiq rejects this and insists on the virtue of imposing opinions by “the sword” alone. Where the Qur’an condemns killing people except as a possible punishment for murderers, they boast about people they have killed and incite murders of people for no apparent reason except that they do not fit in to their narrow sectarian definition of “proper” Muslims.

I could go on and on. I cannot say who is producing Dabiq. As with all this material, it is done behind a cloak of anonymity. All I can say with certainty is that it is a near perfect mouthpiece for those seeking to discredit and destroy Islam through misrepresentation.