The Radical Reaction


Terrorist operations, fake or real, false flag or not don’t happen by accident and are orchestrated to serve a purpose. The media that madly fans the flames of fear as I noted in are a key part of this orchestration. The fact that Americans are thousands of times more likely to be shot by a policeman than a terrorist is lost on people thanks to this media hype.

The new bogeyman of ISIS did not come from nowhere. It emerged from the torture chambers of Abu Ghuraib and the sectarian violence which was the legacy of US occupation in Iraq.

There are two particular tactics that were heavily involved in Iraq and that are critical to understanding the current focus of civil war in Iraq and Syria and its wider impacts.

The first of these is what is known as the El Salvador Option. Back in 1986 at the height of the cold war, the US set in motion death squads to stir up factions into a civil war in El-Salvador in a “successful” effort to stop the country sliding towards communism. The country was wrecked and out of a population of less than 6 million,  75,000 had died and 20% of the population displaced as refugees.

The strategy of setting up groups of people to terrorise others was essential to instigate civil war and massive brutality. The death squads could go around the country untouchable in their brand new hi-spec equipment, snatching people off streets, torturing and killing people to create fear, chaos and panic.  This strategy was applied to great effect in Iraq and of course never admitted to publicly although discussed in policy circles somewhat openly beforehand. An interesting article on this worth a read is here.

The other tactic, is known as Operation Gladio. Or more specifically “Gladio B”. After the second world war and even during it, organisations were put in place for people to organise violent resistance against occupiers. Like the famed French resistance to the Nazis, these irregular army units were to have been ready to continue the struggle against the occupiers once the government had officially fallen. These cells were put in place around Europe in particular.

During the same time period of the cold war as the El-Salvador civil war, these cells were sent into operation to carry out terrorist attacks against civilians in their own countries while pretending to be the communists that they were supposed to be fighting. These false flag attacks included attacks on train stations and public places and had the goal of pushing people away from communism and into supporting governments that were arrogating more powers to themselves to fight these “terrorists”. This operation eventually got exposed when Gladio operatives confessed in court.

“Gladio B” is the name given by some for similar operations carrying out false flag “Islamic” terror operations such as the Sept 11th attacks. Who knows how many of the recent attacks were organised in this way, but the precedent is there and the response is the same from authorities in grabbing powers as has happened recently in France.

We like to live in a bubble of illusory safety, thinking that our governments don’t engage in such tactics but the fact of history is that they do. Governments like media are put to work by forces and – yes conspiracies – to stir up insecurity and even civil war.

We live in a time where these tactics are on such display that it is only easy to ignore by not thinking of the irony. In Syria, the US and her allies support the “terrorist rebels” while Russia stands with the “oppressive government”. In Ukraine the exact mirror situation is played out.

These are just proxy wars, the people in the middle of them have genuine grievances, but they don’t really recognise the authors of their chaos.

It is easy to cast blame onto groups rather than looking at the hands behind the actions. It is easier to simply believe that “Russians are evil” or “Muslims are evil” or “Westerners are evil” and thus prolong the mess. It is harder to do real investigations as to who is giving the lines to the various actors, who is giving them the motivation and the means for their crimes. But it is only by looking for the conspirators at the heart of the problem that we can actually stop the criminality at its root. Pulling out weeds by the root is the only real solution it is literally the radical solution. True radicals go to the source of the problem. Extremists on both sides just deal in propaganda and both despise and vilify those who look too deeply into what really happened.

Conspiracy theorists are rubbished by the same media who blithly report as fact official narratives that serve the same purposes as the criminals. Indeed there are false flag conspiracy theorists, just as there are false flag terrorists. Any label or behaviour can be discredited as necessary. It all makes life very confusing. But that is the goal: to stop people uniting for peace and justice. Divide people and make them choose the lesser of two evils, then they will definitely choose evil.

If people are instead united in their determination to properly investigate the crimes rather than being satisfied with sweeping statements and generalisations, then we have a chance at stopping these people in their tracks. It is difficult in the heat of the moment and the anger to check your sources, but if you don’t you will just make it all worse.

As the Qur’an teaches us in 49:6

O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done.