What Donald Trump Dare Not Say

Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of being unable to tackle a problem because she won’t even give it its correct name which Donald declares as “Radical Islamic Terrorism”.   Hillary demurs, protesting that she does not wish to associate those acts with Islam as they are only done by a very few people.

Both these positions are disingenuous. Those who carry out such violent attacks on civilians as we have seen in the attacks in Nice and Paris, are almost never motivated by trying to follow the teachings of Islam as set out in the Qur’an. The thing that ties all their motivations together is that they are acting in support of a US led imperial agenda.

Al-Qaeda was a database set up by the CIA of Muslims ready to wage insurgency wars against the enemies of the US. At the time, in Afghanistan this was the Soviet Union. But The US has sponsored and armed Muslims all over the world to fight for their empire. Such US mercenaries have been active in violent rebellions in Afhanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosova, Libya and now in Iraq and Syria to mention just a few. This is not new it follows on from the British sponsorship of Arab rebellions against the Turkish Caliphate and that follows an ancient practice of empire : “divide and conquer”.

Where people cannot be recruited by the evil empire into futile acts of violence to provide the necessary pretexts for imperial aggression, blatant false flag attacks are carried out by that empire such as 9/11. If you really want to rid the world of terrorism, you need to address its sponsor, recruiter and organiser.

Here is my suggestion of what Donald Trump should say in the next debate:

“We are not going to solve the problem of Radical Islamic Terrorism until we stop sponsoring it. Our allies act with our encouragement to fund Isis, to fund Al Qa’eda, and through this we are fueling terrorism not stopping it. We pay for it. We have paid literally trillions of dollars to create terrorism to serve our purposes, in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, in Syria, we have sponsored coups in countries all over the world against democratic governments in favour of tyrannical dictators. This policy is causing massive suffering around the world and our interventions do not work because we are the problem not the solution. Our hypocrisy is blatant when we talk about human rights and then support such champions of human rights as Saudi Arabia and Israel when they slaughter innocents in Gaza and Yemen we say nothing. I will change this. When I am President, I will make deals with foreign governments based on their demonstrable support for principles we stand for:Principles of Freedom, Democracy and Justice and respect for human rights. We need real deals to solve the problems of the world. I won’t allow the criminal incompetence in what happened recently where  a ceasefire deal was made with the Russians only to be broken by us the next week as our air force attacked the Syrian army killing dozens of soldiers and helping Isis.  The war on terrorism is a war against the terrorism we paid for. It is a rip off of the US taxpayer and I agree with Ron Paul when he says we should stop waging wars on improper nouns that are designed to never end. I want to make deals to end wars and bring peace. My opponent is bought and paid for by the special interests that profit from endless war,  while literally every one else loses and loses bigly”