Winning the War on Terror

The current war on terror is a fraud. Terrorism has been a particular problem ever since Jews started dressing up as Arabs and setting off bombs. But it goes back further than that famous King David hotel incident. In its goal to destroy the appeal of Islam the West has employed many tactics. Some are in the realm of academia, some in cultural realms. One particularly popular and effective tactic employed has been to fund and arm regimes and non-governmental groups who wave the flag of Islam and do evil and stupid things.

Terror is a choice. It is an emotional reaction to something that happens. If you don’t want to be terrorised, then don’t be. The media, including the alternative media thrive of emotional reaction. They need people to be scared to be bothered to read their hyperbole. Either we should be scared of the current evil enemy abroad or in our midst or be scared of the government and what it might do to you or what they are hiding from you. Frightened people don’t spend much time looking at the facts – they don’t have time to be careful: after all they are in mortal danger.

You would think that understanding that the goal of terrorism is to terrify, then the best way to defeat it is to choose not to be terrified. And it is. But our governments do the exact opposite. They see every terror event as grounds to take more paranoid frightened measures. France is now declaring an unlikely to end state of national emergency over the attacks in Paris. They fulfil the goal of the terrorists so precisely, that we need to ask is this cockup or conspiracy. There is ample evidence for the latter.

The best response to such incidents is to deny their authors their goal; to not be afraid; not abandon our minds to fear. Say, “So what?! The risks are still tiny. I face bigger risks of death and injury just driving to work”. It is an attempt at provocation, so don’t be provoked. If anything do the opposite, if you want to defeat attempts to terrorise, then think “This is supposed to make me afraid of Muslims / communists / government whatever so I will do the opposite. I will go and talk to them; get to know them and understand them.
Once you do, you will maybe discover that Islam teaches that you should not let yourself be controlled by fear of anything or anyone except almighty God’s judgement of the wrongs you have done and in the hope and assurance of His loving forgiveness and reward if you turn away from them and do right.